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From the Press

It's charmer Jinny Sagorin who pleases most. Her glorious singing voice is the best in the show, perfectly suited to musical theatre and superbly showcased in her poignant solo.
      Billy Suter, Natal Mercury

Sagorin has a lush, lyrical voice, and a disarming sincerity.
      Denise Taylor, The Boston Globe

Sagorin is a unique soulstress with a rich repertoire...who delivers her lush sounds...with the purity of a songbird. It's For You boasts dynamic renditions...Freddie Mercury's 'Love of my Life' ought to be an instant favorite...the most haunting and memorable is the Heymann-Fox-Cohen collaboration, 'Weeping.'
      Jules Becker, The Jewish Advocate

Jinny Sagorin possesses a beautiful voice. She does 'Love of my Life'; one of Queen's most gorgeous, swelling, sad songs...that's where Sagorin is at home. Should be an emotionally rich evening.
      Jim Sullivan, The Boston Globe

Jinny Sagorin is a performer you are compelled to see over and over again. I was impressed at the range and texture of her exquisite voice: her ability to vocally move with ease through a rigorous repertoire of musical theater, folk and rock and her graceful and endearing presence on stage.
      Ida Zecco, Cabaret Hotline Online

It's For You is filled with warmly sung and very tasty pop, jazz and traditional folk tunes.
      Ed Symkus, Newton Tab

Outstanding in an excellent cast is Jinny Sagorin... Ms. Sagorin has enormous ability and a truly wonderful voice.
      Humphrey Tyler, Sunday Tribune

Jinny Sagorin stands out... Her 'Far From the Home I Love' is a truly moving moment.
      Margaret von Klemperer, Natal Witness

...good performances all around, with particular mention of Jinny Sagorin, who shines musically and dramatically.
      Caroline Smart, ArtSmart, Daily News

..dit is veral Jinny Sagorin wat met haar suiwer stem sjarme aan die produksie verleen. (..it is really Jinny Sagorin with her sweet voice who gives the production its charm.)
      M.v d Westhuizen, Die Burger

There's a really "marvellous party" going on at the Tudor Room, and it's all down to the talents of Garth Anderson and Jinny Sagorin... Anderson shares acting, singing and narrative honours with Cape Town-based Sagorin, who has just the right style, voice and elaborate mannerisms for the times.
      Sally Scott, Daily News

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