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From the Public

Jinny Sagorin's vocals are not just gorgeous, they are full of warmth and passion... listening to her is an emotional experience as well as a musical one. I am honored and thrilled to have her perform my songs.
      B. Iris Tanner, songwriter/singer, Medford, MA

Jinny Sagorin is a singer with a great voice. But even more important than that, Jinny is a singer with brains, wit, and sparkle, who understands a song from the inside out, and can take an audience to places other singers don't even know exist.
      Monica Bauer, songwriter/playwright, Lynn, MA

I do not really have the vocabulary for all the emotions you had me experiencing last night. From the moment you sat down there on the piano stool, time disappeared - leaving me (and positively everyone, I'm sure) in a magical trance. What an incredible journey you took us through with your seemingly effortless repertoire. The thought, creativity, nuances, choreography and amazing talent you poured into that time span was just incredible.The song choice was magnificent, the banter and sequence just brilliant.You are a true professional and I am grateful for the opportunity to enjoy you last night. I could watch, listen and breathe you in endlessly!
      Zola, Newton MA

I loved your Girls' Night Out performance last night. You have great presence and do a great range of material. All of you worked well together-great synergy, mutual respect and commitment -it was sublime!
      Steve Smith, MA

You were absolutely breath-taking.I enjoyed your performance so much, words can not express how great you made me feel. I'll travel anywhere to see you. You made our evening truly memorable.
      Sylvia & Jim Greenberg, Haverhill, MA

I thought your show was WONDERFUL!! You have charm galore, and a definite knack for picking material that is perfect for you.I could have been happy listening to you the whole night!
      Barbara and Corbit Larson, Framingham, MA

They spun gold at the Blacksmith House. It is always interesting to see what synergy (if any) occurs when two top notch performers decide to join forces. Many times, the results are fair to good but in the case of Jinny and Will, it was fantastic! Truly, the chemistry between these two was something wonderful to behold. Each is a superb performer in his and her own right and when they are on stage together, something magical occurs...it is more than the fact that they manage to bring out the best in each other, but that some kind of unique synergistic alchemy takes place that seems to highlight their formidable talents. The evening was sheer delight. Let's hope this duo continues to make music together!
      Pamela Enders, Cambridge, MA

You were absolutely wonderful and Life Matters was great! I laughed a lot, and really enjoyed hearing the mix of familiar songs and new (to me) music. Your singing - as always - was beautiful. And you were so funny! We were very glad to have been there.
      Erica Rabins, Boston MA

I want to thank you for your wonderful show. It was such a warm and exhilarating way to end the deep freeze week.
      Annie Sharkey, Newton Highlands, MA

You capture the true essence of cabaret...the intimacy, the humor, and the pure entertainment therein.
      Jennie Mulqueen, Jamaica Plain, MA

Your show was phenomenal!
      Jim Keating, Pres. Boston Assoc. of Cabaret Artists, MA

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